“The Orange Golf Whip Trainer is one of the few “gadgets” over the years which I’ve found has actually done “….what it says on the tin”. I take it everywhere, and have probably “sold” about twenty or thirty through people seeing me use/trying my own trainer.

Gary Wolstenholme MBE

Winner on the European Senior Tour & twice

British Amateur Champion

Gary Wolstenholme


“During my 30 years as a PGA Golf Professional I am often asked “how do you create more club head speed and improve the timing in the golf swing” the answer now given is, swing with your Orange Whip every day.”

Paul Anderson
PGA Golf Professional
The Berkshire Golf Club


Hi, I just received my order that I placed yesterday (Orange Whip/ Trainer&Golden) I would just like to say Thank you very much for the very quick service. Thats less than 24hrs. excellent.

Many thanks


“Thanks for sending out the whip trainer yesterday, it arrived this morning, just been to the range with it and very impressed. Did the exercises for twenty minutes then hit some balls, can’t believe how quickly the feeling transfers into your swing with the driver/woods/irons. I can’t wait to see how much my swing improves over the next 30-days.

Thanks very much.”

Kind Regards,



“Thanks for your prompt friendly service. I’m looking forward to using the Orange Whip training aid to improve my game.”



“Having been introduced to the Whip in early May 2009, I have found it the most fascinating training aid I have ever laid my hands on. As a PGA professional with over 35 years teaching experience, I have continually searched, in vain, for a way of:-

A) Slowing down my own swing

B) Conveying ‘feel’ to my pupils

I do not generally use training aids in my teaching but the Whip does so many great things for my pupil’s golf that it not only cannot be ignored, but after only three weeks use I now realize that I cannot do a days teaching without it.

All of my teaching life I have described in so many ways, and demonstrated – full shoulder rotation, grip pressure, pausing at the top, posture retention, pendulum swinging, swinging V hitting, ‘on plane’ swinging, centred head retention, width etc, etc, in an attempt to give my pupils the correct ‘feel’ for the correct moves for them.

None of my words or pictures have ever fully achieved what the Whip can, and it’s as if after 35 years I have found the missing piece of the jigsaw. It is the transition of ‘feel’ into my pupil’s golfing subconscious that is so amazing to witness. Subsequently I have had some amazing results with my pupils. The best descriptive comment I have had from a user so far is “Now I feel how Ernie Els looks”. Other pupils can’t believe that they can hit the ball so sweetly (and often further) with such an effortless swing, but that is a daily occurrence.

From a teaching and playing perspective I find that there are many benefits from using the whip on a daily basis, some of which are understated. In my case, my back which aches due to 40 years of playing and teaching, stopped aching after 6 days use of the Whip and I generally feel great benefit from the golf stretches it creates.”


Lee Johnson PGA Professional, PGA Professional (Fellow)