Whip Products

  • Create “Tour Pro” Lag
  • Improve Tempo & Balance
  • Find your ideal Swing Plane
  • Perfect your Sequence of Motion
  • Enhance Core Fitness & Flexibility
Orange Whip Trainer:

Orange Whip Trainer

• Designed for men and taller women.
• Length – 47.5 inches in total length, approximately 45 inches actual swing length     (Men’s Driver)
• Weight –  total weight is 1.76lbs
• Ideal for balance and tempo enhancement.
• More Info – simulates driver motion. Whip recommended for core fitness and             flexibility.

The Trainer is the longest version and most physically demanding. It may be difficult to control for seniors, women, beginners or shorter golfers.

Recommended for people 5’6” and above. As ability of the golfer increases, the height of user becomes less of a factor.

Swinging the Trainer is comparable to swinging a driver.

Because of the Trainer’s length, balance and tempo easily develop because the user must wait for the momentum to gather. Also, the development of flexibility and range of motion is greater when compared to the other two versions.

The extra length also encourages more patience in the transition to avoid the “quick” swings and the common “over the top” swing fault.

Orange Whip Golden:

Orange Whip Golden

•  Designed for those under 5′ 6″ tall or beginners. Recommended for men, women,      teens and seniors.
• Length – 44 inches in total length, approximately 41 inches actual swing length         (men’s mid-iron/ ladies driver).
• Weight – The total weight is 1.76 lbs.
• More Info – Simulates mid-iron motion and ladies’ driver motion. This model is more   manageable to swing because it is shorter than the “Full sized” Trainer. Provides     some core fitness and flexibility.
• Ideal Whip for most women and senior golfers to improve their balance and tempo.

The Golden Whip is universal for both men and women. Easiest to use for most seniors, women, beginners and shorter players.

Swinging the Golden is comparable to swinging a long iron or hybrid.

The Golden shaft is shorter and slightly stiffer, allowing for faster transitions.

Orange Whip Hickory:

Orange Whip Hickory

•  Designed for juniors aged 7 – 12. Adults will notice benefits to their wedge game      swinging this model.
• Length – 38 inches in total length, approximately 36 inches actual swing length         (short iron and wedge).
• Weight – The total weight is 1.3 lbs.
• More Info – This model has a more flexible shaft than the Trainer or the Golden         making it ideal for juniors. Adults are cautioned when swinging this version,             as aggressive and/or over-swinging may result in injury.
• Ideal Whip for juniors and adults working on finesse shots for wedges.

For junior golfers aged approximately 7 – 12 years and golfers under 5’0”.

Designed to accommodate juniors, the Hickory has a smaller diameter grip and lighter weights on each end.

For adults, swinging a Hickory most resembles swinging a wedge. Great for re-creating short game motion and technique.

The Hickory requires the least amount of space to use safely, indoors or out.

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